Supporting Others

The Supporting Others Programme provides targeted training in some of the key skills needed when supporting colleagues in our own and other schools. A new session on Managing difficult conversations and challenging support scenarios has been added to the programme this year.

The programme is aimed at staff aspiring to work as Lead Practitioners or facilitators or those already engaged in outreach work, networks or delivery of CPD and training. It is a cross phase programme and is particularly suitable for middle leaders or aspiring middle leaders who are interested in developing the skills necessary to successfully guide, coach and mentor others to improve student outcomes.

Staff may access individual elements of the programme as required, however aspirant Lead Practitioners are encouraged to complete this programme prior to applying for the role.

Curriculum Middle Leaders

The Curriculum Middle Leadership Programme provides guidance and support to current and aspiring curriculum middle leaders. Each session will focus on a different aspect of curriculum planning and delivery, alongside an in-depth look at a particular area relevant to the role. 

Delegates commit to attending all the sessions in this programme through the academic year. There will be case study tasks given out in advance to help delegates prepare for each session and the opportunity for ongoing discussion in between sessions.

Pastoral Middle Leaders

The Pastoral Middle Leadership Programme aims to develop high quality pastoral specialists with the ultimate aim of raising student achievement. 

The programme consists of six sessions which will provide both aspirant and existing middle leaders with an insight into the role of pastoral management, examining best practise in key areas of responsibility alongside effective communication with staff, pupils and parents.

The workshops will support the pursuit of a practical school-based project as well as help develop an enhanced understanding of intervention methods and the need for collaboration with other school leaders and outside agencies.

Delegates are required to attend all of the sessions in this programme, as there will be gap tasks between the sessions and a project to complete over the course of the programme.

Preparing for Senior Leadership

The Preparing for Senior Leadership Programme will support the development of aspirant senior leaders by:

  • providing an insight into the diverse range of opportunities at senior leadership level
  • examining theoretical models of leadership
  • developing leadership skills through the examination of case studies
  • supporting the pursuit of a practical school based leadership project, with the support of a school based mentor
  • enhancing understanding of current and future local and national agendas
  • increasing confidence in leadership skills in a whole school context

National Professional Qualifications (NPQs)

NPQs are provided by your chosen Teaching School Hub. Follow the link for more information about Redhill Teaching Hub NPQs.

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