Supporting Others

The Supporting Others Programme provides targeted training in some of the key skills needed when supporting colleagues in our own and other schools.

The programme is aimed at staff aspiring to work as Lead Practitioners or facilitators or those already engaged in outreach work, networks or delivery of CPD and training. It is a cross phase programme and is particularly suitable for middle leaders or aspiring middle leaders who are interested in developing the skills necessary to successfully guide, coach and mentor others to improve student outcomes.

Staff may access individual elements of the programme as required, however aspirant Lead Practitioners are encouraged to complete this programme prior to applying for the role.

Primary Subject Leadership

This was formerly called the Primary Middle Leadership Programme. We have changed the name and altered the content of some sessions to better reflect the needs of primary teachers at this stage of their career.

Programme overview

Session 1: Monitoring and Pupil Voice We will be exploring how to use monitoring effectively to examine the impact of Teaching and Learning in subject areas.

Session 2: Data and Action Planning We will investigate how data can be populated, analysed and used to inform action planning within subject areas.

Session 3: Deep Dives Using subject leader folders, we will work collaboratively to discuss how to prepare for a 'deep dive’.

Effective Primary Leadership

Delivered by Sarah Law (LLE and Leadership Consultant).

This programme will support the development of aspirant and existing Senior Leaders by exploring a variety of leadership styles and strategies. The practical course focuses on specific aspects of leadership theory within Primary Education, and how the best leaders use & apply it.

Its purpose is to build leadership confidence and expertise in a supportive environment and will be tailored to suit the individual needs of delegates. Each session has a different focus, and we’ll develop your awareness of essential skills required for effective leadership in a whole school context.

So, if you have a whole school subject leadership type role, or are new to the Leadership Spine, this is for you. Together we’ll boost your self- belief & understanding of how to be the best leader you can be. You will need to attend all the sessions of this programme to gain the most from it. There’ll be a project to complete over the course of the programme.

It is designed to run smoothly alongside your leadership work & is based upon work you are already doing. It is not onerous and will benefit what you already do.

Bookings are not currently available, please email us to register your interest.

National Professional Qualifications (NPQs)

NPQs are provided by your chosen Teaching School Hub. Follow the link for more information and to book for the Redhill Teaching Hub.