School Improvement

Our School Improvement Vision

The Redhill Academy Trust is committed to working with colleagues across individual Trust academies to ensure capacity is built from within to deliver the best education to every student across the Trust.

Every school improvement activity is guided by its impact on outcomes for our students. We support our schools in their pursuit of excellence in all areas of leadership and teaching at every level. We operate clear systems of diagnosis and monitoring to identify where support is needed.

A highly skilled school improvement team is strategically deployed across our schools according to bespoke need. We are proud of our strong track record of providing effective support for schools in our Trust.

The Redhill Academy Trust School Improvement Team

Executive Team

The Executive Team set the vision and direction for all school improvement work across the Trust. They report to the Trust Executive Board.

Trust Strategic Directors

Redhill Academy Trust has appointed strategic leaders who work at whole Trust level to ensure all school improvement work is accurately identified and that meaningful actions are put in place.

The strategic directors focus on the impact these actions have on students across the Trust, and are responsible for ensuring consistency and the highest standards are developed and maintained.

Trust Subject Directors (Secondary)

Redhill Academy Trust has recruited the highest quality Faculty Leaders to lead the development of provision of their specialist subjects across the Trust. Their work is both strategic and practical.

The Trust Directors work with Faculty Leaders to ensure excellence in curriculum design, teaching and outcomes for students. The Trust Directors provide a bespoke service to individual Heads of Faculty, as well as leading Trust Support Groups.

Trust Lead Practitioners

Redhill Academy Trust Lead Practitioners are leaders in teaching and learning in their subject area.

To become a Lead Practitioner for the Trust, applicants have to pass a rigorous assessment procedure which focuses on the quality of their teaching and the impact they have with students over a sustained period of time.

The work of the Trust Lead Practitioners focuses on the development of the best teaching and learning at both their home school as well as being deployed to work with teachers at other Trust schools.

They contribute widely to the staff development work of Redhill College of Leadership & Development and also to the SCITT and NPQ work of Redhill Teaching Hub.

Redhill Leaders of Education (RLEs)

We currently have a wide range of Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) across Redhill Trust schools. Following the demise of the national SLE designation process, from January 2022 our SLEs will undergo re-designation to become a Redhill Leader of Education (RLE).

This team will add critical capacity to the school improvement team, both within subject areas and across the wider areas of education including attendance, data, behaviour and timetabling.

This team is managed by Redhill College of Leadership & Development and we warmly welcome enquiries from schools outside the Trust if you would like support in any area we can offer expertise.

Redhill Academy Trust - Primary School Improvement 

The Redhill Academy Trust supports its Primary phase schools through its own specialist Trust Directors, working under the direction of Director of Primary Education, Julie Wardle.

Redhill College of Leadership & Development

Our newly formed College of Leadership & Development provides an ambitious range of high-quality staff development opportunities. The College provides training for teachers as well as both support and operational staff across Redhill Academy Trust.

Redhill College of Leadership & Development welcomes enquiries from schools outside the Trust who are seeking to improve their CPD offer.

For further information, please visit the College website:

Redhill Teaching Hub

As the DfE designated teaching school hub for Gedling, Bassetlaw and Newark & Sherwood, the Redhill Teaching Hub is one of 87 centres of excellence in training and professional development for teachers and school leaders.

We signpost and deliver high quality, evidence-based, accredited programmes of training and support to all teachers and leaders, creating a network of support available to all. Our offer enables local schools to recruit, train and retain the very best teachers and leaders for the region, improving outcomes for all.

We are committed to supporting each and every one of the schools we work with, whether you are a small rural primary on the outskirts of our region, or a large secondary in the centre, from special schools to alternative provision, from EYFS to Post-16 - you will find a warm welcome at Redhill Hub, and practical, no-nonsense support and guidance.

For further information please visit the Hub website:


School Improvement: Diagnostic, monitoring and support activities

Redhill Academy Trust School Improvement Services have developed a range of diagnostic, monitoring and support activities. These activities are in addition to usual Academy and Trust-wide QA processes and are widely utilised across Trust schools to provide rich information to support School Improvement Planning.

We welcome enquires from schools outside Redhill Academy Trust that feel these services would be of benefit.

For a discussion, please contact the Trust Office: