Children inspired by jobs in science as part of Primary School 'Quality Mark' award

Budding young scientists were inspired by careers involving science as part of their school's drive to achieve the Primary Science Quality Mark (PQSM).

North Wingfield Primary & Nursery Academy achieved the award after Year 1 teacher Sarah Dilks worked to embed science across the curriculum.

The one-year PQSM programme helps Science subject leaders to strengthen, improve, develop and celebrate science in their school.

It is split into 4 areas :

  • science subject leadership
  • science teaching
  • science learning
  • wider opportunities in science

To achieve a Primary Science Quality Mark, schools submit evidence of the impact of a range of activities required to meet one of three sets of criteria that define the aims.

Pupils at North Wingfield have enjoyed exploring Science inside and outside the classroom. For example: 

  • Going outside in Autumn and using materials to build an animal shelter 
  • Investigating whether the tallest person always had the biggest feet
  • Using their senses to describe the smell and taste of food. 
  • Classifying leaves but practising the skills with sweets first
  • Drawing round their bodies and labelling them 

They have also met real life people whose jobs involve Science. A radiographer, a paramedic and even the school cook were invited to meet the children and talk about Science in their roles.

Miss Dilks said: "The children were able to experience and see what those people do in their jobs and ask any questions they had."

"They gained a better understanding of Science in real life situations and what is needed in order to pursue a job in that field."

I like helping my mum bake things and I think I would be a good cook when I'm older - like Julie, the cook at our school - Robyn, Year 1

"The visits really inspired the children and developed their enthusiasm around science-related jobs when they are older."

"They keep asking when more visitors with science jobs are coming into school!"

Speaking about the PQSM award and its benefit at her school, Miss Dilks added: "The programme was a lot of hard work, but it is such a great achievement and was really worth it in the end."

I found the paramedic's job interesting. I would like to be a nurse when I'm older to save lives - Lacey, Year 5