Governance of the Trust

The Governance Structure of the Trust is:

Governance Structure

The Members of the Trust are responsble for the constituion of the Trust and are largely made up of local people who have influence and strong links within our local communities.

Members of the Trust

Steve Hopkins - 34 years’ experience in financial services, Chartered Financial Planner and Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute. Director of Firth and Scott since 1984, governor at The Redhill Academy for 18 years, becoming Chair in 2006. Chair of the Redhill Academy Trust Executive Board.

Geoff Lloyd - 40 years experience in education, starting as a science teacher and retiring from headship in 2016. Member of the East Midlands and Humber Headteachers' Board, (2014-17) and currently chair of an Interim Executive Board in Lincolnshire

Georgina Chignell - Head of Production of Academy award winning film company Passion Pictures overseeing the theatrical and television documentary output both in the UK and the US

Diane Parrish - Having worked in education throughout her career. Di was the head teacher of Redhill school 1994 – 2003 and subsequently worked as an educational consultant advising governors and head teachers across the east midlands. Now retired she is a board member of a local charity which supports homeless and vulnerable people and is an active member of her local community and a keen traveller.

John Fahy -  With a prevoius background in senior management in the chemical industry, John is now a Minister of Religion with strong links to the local Redhill community

Declaration of business interests of Members